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ASCII 2022 Boston

J. Paul Nadeau Coaching:

The Mindset Negotiator

Helping executive leaders, entrepreneurs and others achieve their very best by using mindset coaching and mastering their inner hostage. 

Yeah. I’m that kid who was abused by an alcoholic father and almost fell through the cracks.

I felt invisible and unheard.

I suffered from severely low self-esteem and conditioned myself to believe I wasn’t worthy and resigned myself to believe that was how it was always going to be.

My narrative was pitifully self-destructive, until one day, unexpectedly, everything changed…

I rescued myself and discovered the awesome power of actually believing in myself and my self-worth.

I followed my every dream and success welcomed me.

I went on to help hundreds of others do the same, including victims of brutal crimes who had given up hope.

I was trained in human behavior by some of the best in behavioral sciences.

I became an expert on how to beat self-sabotage.

That’s what I offer you: Proven principles to help you "Take Control of Your Life", change your mindset, and live the life you deserve to live.


Imagine turning inaction into action, self-sabotage into a thing of the past – and more. I’ll be your personal life coach and the first to celebrate your transformation! 


If this makes sense to you and you’d like to understand more to help you through what may be keeping you from being where you want to be, reach out to me for a free 20-minute discovery session.

I became an expert on how to beat self-sabotage – something I can help you do too. That’s what I offer you, proven principles to help you take control of: your life, business, dreams, and goals by helping you strengthen your mindset to live the life you deserve to live


Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation, and let’s plan your journey to confidence and success. 


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