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Paul's Unique


Paul has the ability to connect deeply with people from all walks of life. His warm smile, stories, and power-building inspirational words motivate people to take action despite whatever roadblocks, fears, or adversities they may have faced, or do face in life. This applies to business negotiations as much as it does to any aspect of life and mental wellness.


His vast knowledge and achievements separate him from the pack; he has sat across from those whose lives were once shattered and helped them put the pieces together again. He’s also looked evil and roadblocks in the eyes – and survived. That kind of experience is rare and translates extremely well to his audiences and anyone who listens. He’s been in combat, in life and abroad, and knows how to survive it. That, he’ll teach you to do in life and in business.  


What virtual presentations can Paul present to your organization during these COVID19 times? 

  • Negotiating for success using the PIER Negotiating model. 

  • Dealing with conflict, internally and externally

  • How to develop trust and rapport to help your organization excel

  • Building confidence within your employees to help them excel 

  • Take Control of Your Life (Mental Wellness in life and in business)  

His passion and energy motivate audiences to move beyond their perceived limitations and take risks to get what they want. His charisma and honesty help transform ordinary people filled with self-doubt and discouragement into extraordinary achievers by using his own life and in-depth study of others’ challenges to build a method that works.


Paul teaches people the critical importance of identifying who the enemy is, and how to plan against their attack. It’s no different if you’re negotiating a million-dollar deal, working in a climate of conflict, or simply negotiating with the person who can influence your life the most: yourself. He helps people “Manage the Hostage Within,” and that leads to results.


Paul is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be winners and to choose how they want to live – and then achieve it. Despite one’s past or present circumstances, Paul teaches us how it does not have to define the future.


Paul’s business negotiations virtual keynote speaker lectures on how to negotiate in business will help any negotiator get better results – results that lead to success and lasting relationships. And that simply makes good business sense. His mental health lectures will inspire the audience to examine and bring out their best selves and to release the hostage within.

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