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Paul Nadeau is the ‘new most interesting man in the world’ and captivates audiences with his thought-provoking, inspirational, and illuminating keynotes. He pushes audiences to examine human nature not just at its surface but to really drill into the roots of human behavior. Any professional would benefit from his lessons learned during an exemplary 31-year career in law enforcement as a crisis and hostage negotiator.

King Siu

I came across your book by chance at the library in xxx,  My trailer is near there and I went to the library that day last September looking for videos to borrow.  Instead what I found in a display of books they were featuring was your book. The title jumped out at me.  I know with every ounce of my being I was meant to find your book. I have read motivational books before but was never able to finish them because they just did not speak to me.  I would think, well that’s fine and dandy for the author but that’ll never work for me. Until I read Take Control of Your Life. It was as if you wrote that book just for me. So many things became clear as I read those pages.  I wasn’t even halfway through the book when I went online to order my own copy. I have since read it twice and always have it close by. 

Just a bit of background on me.  I was severely bullied as a child.  I had very few friends and was mostly very lonely.  As I got older and into high school, I was still very much picked on.  I did have a few friends, mostly from out of town. I also grew up in a very negative home environment.  My mother, God loves her, and I know she was only doing her best was very overpowering and bossy. I could not talk to her or explain how I was feeling.  My father drank a lot and has a very violent temper and is always angry and negative. He treated my mother horribly their entire marriage. As I got older I became more and more like him, full of hate and anger, and yes a very bad temper. 

When I came across your book last September I was nearly 54 years old and in a pretty bad way in my head.  My mother passed away in November of 2012 quite suddenly from bone cancer. I believe she had known of her illness and just did not tell us.  I became very close to my mother as I got older. She was my rock, my sounding board, and my mentor. Her loss hit me pretty hard. And although I have two lovely daughters of my own and a wonderful grandson, I literally started planning my own death.  That was early on in 2013. I somehow managed to continue on with my life but wasn’t really living. 

Fast forward to last September when I found your book, I had once more been seriously contemplating ending things.  I had grown to hate myself for being me because no one else likes me so why should I. Everything I ever dreamed about for my life never happened and at that time I’d felt that I hand just had enough.  I figured my daughters would be better off without me anyway since I have nothing to leave them when I go. 

Finding your book that day has forever changed my life!  Your book literally saved my life!! You taught me how to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones!  You taught me that I am worthwhile and that I am not ugly. You made me realize that my life can still be good and I can still dream big and achieve it by turning my thoughts around to positive ones.  I can’t begin to tell you how directly that book spoke to me. I also can’t thank you enough for writing it in such a way that is easy for someone like me who was so negative to understand just HOW to turn things around.  I work hard at keeping my “attic” clear of negative thoughts and when I find them seeping in I take out my broom and sweep them out and make sure the positive thoughts start speaking loudly to me so I can hear all the wonderful things they have to say.  I never knew I could choose my mood. You taught me that. I now choose to be happy. I no longer care as much about what people think of me. I smile more and tend to give people the benefit of the doubt more often. I have worked hard on my anger issues and I feel I have it pretty much in control.  I will not let it control me any longer. I now look hard at what triggers my anger when it rears its ugly head and choose to attach better thoughts. It is working for me.

Theresa B. (Mother of 2 Teenagers)

Hi there!! I bought your book from chapters a week ago, out of the 7 books I was carrying in my arms, when I opened up yours to read some of the pages the one that caught my attention was the page talking about morning routines and how you wake up and don’t eat a healthy breakfast and hate your boss…. I can relate lol, so I decided to buy yours.

I’ve been stuck in a depression for 3 weeks now and it hasn’t been this bad for 7 years. I’m 23 years old and I was diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD, depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder. I find self-help books really help especially about the law of attraction and now yours. I’m only 2 chapters deep in your book but it has helped me immensely and although it didn’t cure what I’m feeling, it did help me change my thought process and vie been feeling much better since I started reading it. 

I wanted to reach out and say thank you – your words and stories have been so powerful and mean so much to me so far and I’m excited to see what the rest has to offer. I also wanted to ask if you did mentor sessions? I’ve been on a waiting list for a therapist for years and I love your approach to life and your perspective on everything and need guidance and coping skills to help me deal with life. 

Brie M. (High School Student)

Hey !!!!!

I JUST finished reading your book and WOW. I am so happy and thankful for picking it up off the shelf at chapters. I’m sitting here in complete awe as I type this… 

I can easily say this was the most powerful and influential books I’ve ever read in my life. the motivation and empowerment I feel after reading this book, is something I’ve never experienced. I feel like I shed out of my old body and am an entirely different and new person with the new headspace I’ve adapted from your book. the stories you told about being a police officer were also so impacting and I’m so glad and grateful you shared those with us in this book. 

I can’t thank you enough, I hope everything is going well on your end!!

Brie M. (Follow-Up)

Hi Paul,

I just bought your book, Take control of your life, 2 days ago and I read the whole thing in two days. This is also the first book I have ever read cover to cover. It has also inspired me to help myself and others who may have some feels like I have. One just happens to be a friend of mine on FB.

I posted two pictures on my FB page to help me remember and to be stronger. One is of me wearing a Superman T-shirt which I bought right after I bought your book. It’s to remind me to be strong and when I’m strong anything is possible. I’ll attach the two pictures if it will let me for you to see.

Thank you for writing this book, I have already started to practice and exercise my mind and even write quotes from your book in a journal I have stated which I also write down how I’m feeling throughout the day. I am a survivor!!

Mike T. (College Student)

Amazing to distill the essence of a story into simple truths

P. Gandhi

We recently invited Paul to be our Keynote Speaker at our National Sales Meeting in Dallas TX. I wanted to take a unique approach when having negotiation discussions, different from a typical business scenario. Paul’s successful experience in Hostage & Criminal negotiation was easily relatable to everyday business negotiations. Our entire team was incredibly engaged during Paul’s discussion and walked away with several techniques to help them in everyday life both professionally and personally. Paul’s integrity and honestly was evident from the moment he and I met, it is no surprise he has had and continues to have successful careers.

We also purchased and distributed Paul’s book “take control of your life” to our entire team and the feedback has been amazing. I have read it myself and highly recommend it.


I would highly recommend Paul to be part of your business training plans in the future.

Ron Deegan

(Sr. VP Sales North America, SR VP Sales & Operation Canada,

INX International Ink Co.)

Paul was an excellent speaker.  His content was unique and he was very engaging.  He was able to take his years of experience in hostage negotiation and make it relatable to our sales industry. Our audience left with useful techniques to improve customer engagement and negotiate fair business.  I would highly recommend Paul.

Renee Schouten (INX International Ink Co. – Director of Marketing)

J. Paul recently spoke at our company’s sales meeting. Paul gripped us with his real-life experiences, getting rises from laughter to trauma, summing up with how we can apply those experiences within both your personal and professional lives.  He gave easy to interpret tools on building, maintaining and guidance for turning negative relationships into strong long-term relationships. Examples of holding accountability of self-worthiness reflects to how we hold ourselves hostage in everyday life. Overall Paul was very enlightening in many ways during the time provided. Personally, I have started reading his book “Take Control of Your Life” which is reminiscent of the way he spoke, making for a good read.  

Michael “Jamie” Ryan

(Solutions Sales Representative, INX International Ink Co.)

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