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About  Paul

J. Paul Nadeau, ‘Paul’ is a retired police detective, hostage negotiator, and international peacekeeper. His life reads like a Hollywood blockbuster, so it’s no wonder he’s been described as one of the world’s ‘most interesting people.’  He's also been called one of the best storytellers out there. 


Paul is now an admired international keynote speaker who specializes in helping businesses discover how to negotiate for success using hostage negotiation principles and his own 4-step negotiation model. He also speaks on the topics of conflict resolution and mental health, the latter based much on his best-selling book, “Take Control of Your Life,” a book credited for saving lives. He was the Canadian Mental Health Association's opening choice for keynote speakers in 2019.


Paul is a dynamic personality who for over three decades has studied the science of achievement and self-worth, sharing his knowledge firsthand with people who needed it the most.

As a child, Paul, his siblings and his mother were physically and emotionally abused by his alcoholic father. In school, he became conditioned to believe he was worthless and that he would never amount to anything. He had no confidence and self-prophesized failure. That all changed in grade 7 when he discovered he could change his destiny and made it his mission to turn HIS life around. J. Paul proceeded to get his dream job and fulfill the promise he had made to himself as a boy: to arrest people like his father. Once he became a police officer, Paul set the bar even higher for himself and went on to become a subject matter expert as a Hostage Negotiator, Criminal Detective, Expert Interrogator, International Peace Keeper and instructor. The many specialized areas he worked in provided him with first-hand experience on how to help, understand and influence others. He also learned from the best, including the Ontario Provincial Police’s BSU (Behavioral Science Unit), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Hostage Negotiators Unit, The United Nations Peacekeeping Branch, and more. He is credited for having saved countless lives, even having once talked a suspected terrorist off a jet in Paris, France. His very life was saved by a terrorist while on mission in the Middle East and he now provides hope and direction to those who had lost it.

Paul is a storyteller extraordinaire who shares his knowledge and rich life experiences through his keynotes, and his keynotes are not only informative, they’re downright entertaining!


“Paul Nadeau is a guy that will keep your audience captivated.  His stories are out of a Hollywood movie and their corresponding lessons are unforgettable.  As an expert communicator and negotiator Paul will help your audience understand the essence of building important human relationships that will ultimately lead your organization to a higher level of success!”

Stuart Knight – Author/Speaker

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