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Having lived a Hollywood Blockbuster life with many teachable lessons in Negotiations, Crisis Resolution, and Mental Wellness, Paul now offers his globally sought after keynotes virtually.

Need inspiration in these COVID Crazy times? Check Out Paul's "Inspire Us" Podcast. It just may be the inspiration you're looking for:

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J. Paul Nadeau, ‘Paul,’ is a retired police detective, hostage negotiator, and international peacekeeper. His life reads like a Hollywood blockbuster movie, and his vast experience has made him a highly sought-after keynote speaker on business negotiations, conflict resolution, and mental wellness.

Paul is an admired international keynote speaker who now presents keynotes and lectures virtually. He specializes in helping businesses discover how to negotiate for success using hostage negotiation principles and his own 4-step PIER negotiating model.


He also speaks on the topics of conflict resolution and mental health, the latter based much on his best-selling book, “Take Control of Your Life,” a book credited for saving lives. He’s the Canadian Mental Health Associations opening choice for keynote speakers in 2019.


“Take Control of Your Life” is not simply a how-to book on motivation – it introduces a new paradigm to shift one's way of thinking and successfully unlock the readers' full potential to free themselves from the cages that once held them captive.


Virtual Keynotes 

Paul is a retired and decorated Police Detective, Hostage Negotiator, International PeaceKeeper, and keynote speaker on the topics of business negotiations, conflict resolution, and mental wellness. He provides keynotes that educate, engage, and thrill. His stories entertain and educate. There are no dull training sessions with Paul! Available virtually. Contact Paul directly for quotes.


"Take Control of Your Life" - book release morning show interview

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Hostage Negotiations expert Paul Nadeau applauds positive Police Tactics